Our almost average everyday life.

With four Ridgebacks.

Gassi gehen

We are an average family with normal dogs

No, we are not.

Neither are all of you out there who chose to live with RR. We all know there's dogs and there's Ridgebacks. As every owner won't ever get tired of telling you: they are special. And his one is extra.

  • If you're too slow they'll decide on their own. You don't want that.
  • If you're not focused you'll be too slow. See above.
  • If you can't read them you can't focus.
Cherish every minute you spend with your dog. Because after all they chose to live with us in the beginning. Here you'll find some of our adventures.






Tons of Poo-Poo



Why bookmark Planet Ridgeback as one of your faves?

Weil Sie Ridgebacks lieben. Leis gu bheil thu dèidheil air druim droma. Parce que vous aimez les Ridgebacks. Perché ami i Ridgeback. Oherwydd eich bod chi'n caru bagiau cefn. Porque te encantan los ridgeback. Mert szereted a gerinceseket. Fordi du elsker ridgebacks. Mar is breá leat málaí droma. Protože milujete ridgebacky. Quia diligitis Ridgebacks.

Because you love Ridgebacks.
And because you are curious :-)

Shocking details

Well, nothing you haven't seen before. Only from our home.

Secrets unveiled

Four out of ten times I forget my keys when I leave the house. Don't tell anyone, please.

And much more

Whenever the advertising guy runs out of ideas he comes up with "and more". When he never had any, it's "much more".


Many creatures survived the contact with our fearless four. Here's what they have to say.


The fearless, the hungry, the ridgetastic four.

Viviane von Schneckenberg

Chief Executive Officer

'Cause I said so!

Zuma Zummarum

Senior Director Tactical Defense

If I can see you, you're too close.


Land Speed Record Department


Specki McMuffin

Chief Juvenile Delinquent

If it moves: kill it. If it doesn't move: rip it apart.


Here is a cool map of New York City that makes us look smart, modern and cosmopolite.

We live somewhere else. Off the grid.


3rd from the sun, Europe


bark at planetridgeback dot com


Don't. Ever.

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